About Us

Check the western Canadapromoter Boodang‘s Facebook page and one phrase stands out: “In Boodang WeTrust.” A search for the hashtags #INBOODANGWETRUST and #ILOVEBOODANG brings upposts from thousands of satisfied customers.

Since arriving on theCanadian dance music scene in early 1999, Boodang has built a loyal following,and we’re not using the term loyal lightly. Boodang event attendees are almostalways return customers—many fans have been attending any and all Boodang-sponsoredevents for years. Boodang events sell, sell fast, and sell out—even in sparselypopulated areas of Canada. When the promoter organizes a show, fans arrive indroves. So how did a small group of Canadian musicphiles, who got their startorganizing underground dance parties, turn their passion into one of the mostsuccessful event production companies in the country? 

Hard work is the firstand most obvious answer: fourteen-plus years of hard work. But beyond that,Boodang also embraced its community and held on tight. In early 2001, thepromoter gave up underground parties for something more lasting—Boodang workedwith the city of Edmonton to throw the first dance music event supported by anew city bylaw. By working with, rather than against, Edmonton's officials andpolicies, the promoters secured a lasting place in the city as a belovedcommunity enterprise.

Boodang has continuedworking with, and investing in, its community over the years. In 2007, Boodangbecame the first promoter to throw an event at Alberta’s Shaw Conference Center(owned by the city of Edmonton). There, Tiesto strolled onstage to face asold-out crowd of 5,100 people. Three years later, Tiesto played to 7,900 atthe newly renovated Northlands Expo Centre—a show that Boodang sold out in fourdays. The walls reverberated with cheers. The rest, as they say, is history. 

Boodang believes inbuilding unique brands and experiences at its events. Stellar lineups are agiven, but the company's main focus is building its event brands to sustain amuch longer-lasting future as DJ prices continue to soar. Boodang spares noexpense on production and décor, which has allowed the company to producerecord-breaking presales before artists and performers are released.

In 2012, Boodang producedthe most groundbreaking EDM festival in Western Canada—the Elements MusicFestival. EMF brought together more than twenty thousand music lovers over thecourse of two days at the Edmonton Expo Centre. Utilizing the entire buildingallowed Boodang to set up three different types of stages focusing on all thesub-genres of EDM. Elements Music Festival was nominated for an InternationalDance Music Award (IDMA) for best event in 2012. At the 2013 IDMA ceremony, EMFwas listed among such notable festivals as Coachella, EDC Las Vegas, ElectricZoo, Sensation White, Shambhala, Tomorrowland, and Ultra Music Festival.  

Boodang’s team-widepassion for dance music and attention to detail has made for a winningcombination. Its Canadian-based events compete with the best of American musicpromoters’ lineups. Along with a stellar roster of Canadian-based DJs, the teamalso has a knack for convincing international artists and performers to makethe trip north when on tour to perform at its branded events or club nights. TheIDMA has placed the Boodang brand of Canadian events among the best in theworld.