Reverend Horton Heat

Capitol Theatre at Capitol Theatre

Macon, GA


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Loaded guns, space heaters, andbig skies. Welcome to the lethallittered landscape of Jim Heath’simagination. True to his high evangelical calling, Jim is a Revelator,both revealing & reinterpreting thecountry-blues-rock roots of American music. He’s a time-travellingspace-cowboy on a endless interstellar musical tour, and we are allthe richer & “psychobillier” for getting to tag along. Seeing REVEREND HORTONHEAT live is a transformative experience. Flames come off the guitars. Heat singes your skin. There’snothing like the primal tribal rock& roll transfiguration of a Reverend Horton Heat show. Jim becomes a slicked-back 1950′s rock &roll shaman channeling Screamin’Jay Hawkins through Buddy Holly,while Jimbo incinerates the StandUp Bass. And then there are the“Heatettes”. Those foxy rockabillychicks dressed in poodle-skirtsand cowboy boots slamming thenight away. It’s like being magicallytransported into a Teen Exploitation picture from the 1950′s that’scurrently taking place in the future. Listening to the REVEREND HORTON HEAT is tantamount to injectingpure musical nitrous into the hot-rodengine of your heart. The Reverend’scommandants are simple.And no band on this, or any other,planet rocks harder, drives faster,or lives truer than the ReverendHorton Heat. These “itinerantpreachers” actually practice whatthey preach. They live their lives bythe Gospel of Rock & Roll. From the High-Octane Spaghetti-Western Wall of Sound in “BigSky” — to the dark driving freneticparanoia of “400 Bucks” – to thebrain-melting Western Psychedelic Garage purity of “PsychobillyFreakout” — The Rev’s music is theperfect soundtrack to the Drive-InMovie of your life. Jim Heath & Jimbo Wallace havechewed up more road than theGoogle Maps drivers. For twentyfive Psychobilly years, they haveblazed an indelible, unforgettable,and meteoric trail across the globewith their unique blend of musicalvirtuosity, legendary showmanship, and mythic imagery. “Okay it’s time for me to put thisloaded gun down, jump in my FiveOh Ford, and nurture my pig on theoutskirts of Houston. I’ll be bringing my love whip. See y’all later.” -Carty Talkington Writer/DirectorRev your engines and catch the sermon on the road as it’s preachedby everybody’s favorite Reverend.Don’t forget to keep an eye out forthe 11th studio album from REVEREND HORTON HEAT, boldly titled Rev, due out January 21st.

Nashville Pussy:
Lemmy personally blessed Nashville Pussy calling them “America’s last great Rock and Rollband”.…and Lemmy should know.  Over the past couple of decades, Nashville Pussy preached its sleazygospel alongside Motörhead in every rock outpost from Asia to Europe and back again.   Raised on a diet of Marshall stacks, Gibson Guitars, Jack Daniels and weed, Nashville Pussy isthe bastard offspring of foul mouthed demented hillbilly ice-cream man Blaine Cartwright andtractor driving, nude art school model guitar prodigy Ruyter Suys. Born deep in the Baptist BibleBelt of Kentucky – Blaine Cartwright used the Ramones and The New York Dolls to maintainsanity  – meanwhile in Vancouver Canada, 8 year old hippie kid Ruyter Suys picked up her father’sguitar playing along with Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix.“We got married on a dare after dropping acid, Nashville Pussy is our baby,” says Suys.Blaine and Ruyter left their Nashville home when their house burned to the ground. “We wereforced to tour incessantly or face the fact that we were homeless” Eventually choosing Atlanta ashome, “Because the bars stayed open later.” Nashville Pussy quickly gained a reputation for beinglike “AC/DC with a female Angus” in Ruyter’s blues meets punk frenzied guitar solos and Blaine’shilarious “jailhouse nursery rhyme” lyrics. Rowdy and unpretentious; Nashville Pussy got voted‘best local band’ in opposite ends of the country their first year of touring.Their debut album “Let Them Eat Pussy” was recorded and mixed in 5 days for $3,000, picked upby Mercury records for a million dollar contract during a signing freeze and Grammy nominated for“Fried Chicken And Coffee” for Best Metal Performance.The band has also found fans with the Mob; The Sopranos featured “Drive” in one episode andtheir songs have also been in Entourage, SuperTroopers, Cartoon Network, Jackass The Game.They have performed at Wacken Open Air, HELLFEST, Dynamo Festival, Roskilde, Leeds andRedding, multiple appearances on Canal Plus Television and even done voices and cameos inmovies.After the whiskey bottles emptied, Nashville Pussy rocked.  Six studio albums later, the band hasnow played in front of hundreds of thousands of fans in nearly forty countries, sharing stages withsome of the biggest bands on the planet, including ZZTOP, Marilyn Manson, SLAYER, IronMaiden, Black Sabbath and LYNYRD SKYNYRD.  “We’ve played everywhere from little shit kickjoints in bum fuck towns to topping the bill at 20,000 seater festivals in Sweden,” adds Suys.  Itdoesn’t matter to us how many people are in front of us.  We always kick ass and rock like it’s thelast show on earth.”BIOGRAPHY 2018Where do Nashville Pussy find inspiration for their outrageous lyrics? “We farm our ownadventures for fuel.  Tragedy becomes comedy as soon as Blaine writes about it,” says Suys.  “Ourold bassist got carried out of New York’s exclusive Spy Bar kicking and screaming, so we justwrote a song about it, ‘You Give Drugs A Bad Name’.  Most of our songs start with a big dose oftruth.”This badass lifestyle takes its toll.  But instead of resorting to Keith Richards infamous bloodtransfusions to rejuvenate themselvesNashville Pussy found themselves new blood.   Spicy Colombian/Californian Bonnie ‘Bon’ Buitragobegan as a teenage fan of the band sneaking into shows, determined to make the leap fromaudience member to member of the band by mastering her craft on Bass.Atlanta native and ex-landscaper Ben Thomas on drums has quickly become known for hisshowmanship, precision and all around sensuality behind the kit. “Everyone is always looking forthe next John Bonham, we found him mowing our lawn!”Many now believe the band has assembled the classic Nashville Pussy lineup.  This rhythmsection is the foundation on which Blaine and Ruyter - who still regularly tops polls of ‘world’s bestfemale guitarist’ - build their ferocious growling sound.  “We are Rock n Roll’s dirty little secret,blissfully outliving musical trends we never knew existed,” says Suys.  “More than ever, everyoneneeds to escape to a place where they can pretend they don’t give a shit, let their hair down andget loud, sweaty and dirty.  Nashville Pussy provides that unpretentious refuge.  Everyone iswelcome – just don’t dress up ‘cause it’s gonna get messy.”“If there’s been a better band than Nashville Pussy to open for Motörhead, I’ve never heard them”– Lemmy

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Capitol Theatre

382 Second Street, Macon, GA, 31201

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Reverend Horton Heat

Nashville Pussy