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Directed by Brad Bruce
Runtime: 6min

Synopsis: This video is about MICHAEL, who because of a strong religious upbringing has lost touch with reality. He now believes he is Michael the Archangel, and he has been chosen by GOD to do away with the sinners, but he's unable to decipher which is a sinner and a god fearing person.

Cast: Sean Whalen, Jeff Irvine

Directed by Thom Newell
Culver City, CA
Runtime: 3min 12sec 

Synopsis: When Teddy comes to get his last few belongings from his ex-girlfriend, not everything is as it seems. Is she hiding something from him? Who will be left alive when the day is over?

Cast: Franklin Killian, Janna Jude, Steve Saunders

Directed by Matthew Ragsdale
Runtime: 3:34min
Hughson, CA 2013

Synopsis: A cult of women who worship a female God get ambushed by a group of crazed vigilante fundamentalists.

Cast: Courtney Cipriani, Colton Dennis, Jessica Knoll, Kayla Steele, Stefani Potter, Megan Turkin, Ryan Holley, Michael J. Malstrom

The Table
Directed by Shane Free
Runtime: 4min 27sec
Los Angeles, CA 2012

Synopsis: Friends buy an antique table before discovering it has a far more sinister purpose.

Cast: Dan Homeijer, Whitney Wellner, Matt Kawczynski

Directed by Evan Marlowe
Runtime: 2min 39sec
Los Angeles, CA 2013

Synopsis: How far will a man go to ease the suffering caused by his nagging wife?

Cast: Peter Mandarino as Larry  Lisa Goodman as Babs "

Directed by Andrew Hooper
Runtime: 3min

Synopsis: A look into an MK-ULTRA experiment of the 1950's

The Magician
Directed by Neil King
Runtime: 3min
Hollywood, CA, 2013

Synopsis: This sadistic magician puts on a performance that you will never forget.

Cast: Christian Prentice, Erin Scerbak

Directed by David Bornstein
Runtime: 2min 53sec
Northridge, CA, 2013

Synopsis: A young woman is assaulted in the dead of night in a desolate parking structure. To survive, she's forced to summon something more dangerous than her sadistic attackers.

Cast: Samantha Bowdren, Adrian Gomez, R.D. Mower, Harry Valentine, Nadav Fleisher

Directed by Ashton Golumbo
Runtime: 2min 55sec
Los Angeles, CA

Synopsis: Brad and Heidi investigate strange sounds on a Sunday afternoon.

Cast: Brad Gage, Heidi Gardner, Pecho Mandell

Directed by Richard Sargent
San Francisco, CA, 2013
Runtime: 3min

Cast: Chris Maltby, Hayley Saccomano

Don't Creep Up
Directed by Jhon Doria
Runtime: 3min 10sec
Los Angeles, CA

Synopsis: A party clown meets with a couple about performing at their son's birthday.

Cast: John Lacy, Courtney Cole, Mark Atteberry

A Picture Worth a Thousand Words
Directed by Bennie Woodell
Runtime: 3min
Los Angeles, CA

Synopsis: Ray always wanted to be a boxer but never got a shot, so he seeks his title in another way.

Cast: Bradley Fowler

Directed by Sean Blau
Runtime: 4min 1sec
Huntington Beach & Twentynine Palms, CA

Synopsis: A group of friends encounter a monster on the beach. Frannie Morrison, Stephen Brookins

Curtains: Linen Unleashed
Directed by Emmett Loverde
Runtime: 3min 18sec
Los Angeles, CA

Synopsis: A trailer for a cheapie horror film in which all the natural fabric in the world comes to life and starts attacking people. Uh oh -- it's starting to spread to synthetics!

Mental Distortion
Directed by Craig Ouellette
Runtime: 3min 40sec
Downtown Los Angeles, CA 2013

Synopsis: Ever wonder where those voices in your head come from? Now you'll know.

Cast: Chole Peterson, Dominic Daniel, Susan Dunlap

Directed by Graham Hart
Los Angeles, 2013
Runtime: 3min 18sec

Synopsis: A young fetus' first hand account of his arrival and the Masked Killer who's after him.

Cast: Amanda Jaques, Graham Hart

Directed by Daniel Johnson
Runtime: 4min
Los Angeles, 2011

Synopsis: There's something fishy in Willard's apartment.  Inspired by "Othello."

Cast: William Romano-Pugh, A.J. Davis, Kate Dyler, Ray Porter

In Tension
Directed by Michael M. Miller
Runtime: 5min
Anaheim, CA

Cast: Tiffany Bailey, K.C. Mercer

The Valiant Monster Hunters
Directed by Matt Kollar LA
Runtime: 4min 3sec
Los Angeles, 2013

Synopsis: Trying to document the strange and unknown for a local TV station, intrepid filmmakers Jill and Miller get more than they bargained for when they enter into a modern house of horrors

Cast: Ashley Elizabeth Allen, Angel Correa, Timmy Red, Sayaka Miyatani

Directed by Daniel Tripod
Runtime: 3min
Downtown Los Angeles, 2013

Synopsis: Julie's an insecure girl, she just wants a face every guy can adore

Cast: Paige Herschell, Ali Hill, Matthew Bressoud

Millipede Man
Directed by Jay Wade Edwards
Runtime: 1min 30sec
Atlanta, GA

Cast: Cara Mantella, Michael Laurino

Mother May I
Directed by Marko Tomic
Runtime 3min
West Hollywood, CA, 2013

Cast: Sara Tomko, Chris Silcox, Katherine Rampacek

Wolf Teeth
Directed by Brandon Hunt
Runtime: 3min

Synopsis: Drug deals gone wrong amidst supernatural occurrences in this POV short set during the night of a full moon.

Directed by Levi Caleb Smith
Runtime: 3min 40sec
Van Nuys, CA

Synopsis: A man struggles to contain his growing paranoia, among other things.

Directed by Gus Krieger
Runtime: 3min 05sec
Los Angeles, CA

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